The Early Learning Academy 

The Early Learning Academy is proud to partner with Deptford Township Schools

Recent Update

We have just partnered with Deptford Township schools and are hosting the Deptford Township 3-Year Old Pre-K Program for the 2017-2018 school year.

Deptford Township Schools offers a free 3 year old preschool program to Deptford children. We are excited to host the program and look forward to the upcoming school year. 

Some innovative concepts that are built into the learning space include:


  • Touch-screen computer at front entrance that allows parents to punch in their child's identification code for daily reports. They can review remarks about their child's behavior and attendance record. It can also be used in emergencies, sending data about who's in the building, who should be in the building and who shouldn't.

  • Separate play areas for younger and older children; all on artificial turf with padding and extra padding in the "fall zone" around the jungle gym. It's free of lead, natural grass, allergens or dirt. 

  • Entire facility has been declared "peanut-free zone" due to children's allergic reactions.

  • Security cameras around exterior of property, at front entrance and in classrooms.


The Early Learning Academy's two-story brick building at 20 Cobblestone Road is also home to the area's prominent pre-school and toddler care facilities. 

​The Early Learning Academy is located at 20 Cobblestone Lane, Deptford. Call (856) 853-8822 or visit